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A List of Books I'm Currently Reading

1. Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good by Adrienne Maree Brown

"We are sexualized our entire lives: assessed for our desirability according to men and masculine people's shitty (racist, ableist, classist, fatphobic, sexist) standards, then penalized when we fall short."

2. The Sweetness of Venus: A History of the Clitoris by Sarah Chadwick

"We need to be talking to people about all aspects of sex and their sexuality, not just about reproduction, contraception, STDs, and virginity."

3. Queer: A Graphic History by Dr. Meg-John Barker & Julia Scheele

"Queer activism is a form of sexuality/gender activism that opposes assimilationist agendas of trying to show how "normal" LGBT people are. Instead, it celebrates difference and diversity, and challenges things like the commercialism of the gay scene."

4. Bliss Club: Sex Tips for Creative Lovers by Jüne Plã

"Skene, Bartholin, Gräfenberg, Fallope, Kobelt & Co. are researchers who we are told discovered all of the zones & organs [belonging to vulva-owners]. (. . .) It turns out, however, that these zones & organs all had their own names before being re-baptised by other researchers in acknowledgement to these gentleman. Needless to say that if you are uncomfortable with these names, nothing stops you from renaming them using their proper anatomical terms."

5. Skin, Tooth, & Bone: The Basis of Movement is Our People; A Disability Justice Primer by Sins Invalid

"Disability justice is a vision and practice of what is yet-to-be, a map that we create with our ancestors and our great-grandchildren onward, in the width and depth of our multiplicities and histories, a movement towards a world in which every body and mind is known as beautiful."
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