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Syd's September

Hi to all! Welcome to my very first newsletter/blog post! It's been a long time coming, but I have to say I am so ready for this journey. I have been wanting to journal in order to better my mental health and to keep track of my work, accomplishments, thoughts, etc., so here we are, and I'm so grateful you're joining me.

Depending on how long you've been following my page on Instagram, you may or or may not know that my name is Syd or Sydney, I use she/they pronouns, and I am the founder of Clitoriscious, a sex education platform I began in February of 2020.

I started my page because I had been interested in these taboo topics for over a decade, and I had been formally studying Gender Studies/Human Sexuality subjects for 5+ years. I felt like I had a ton of knowledge, yet I had know idea what to do with it. I was itching to find a way to get it out into the public and to as many folks as possible.

I will tell more about myself and what led me to this point in my life through anecdotes and snippets of information I slip into my content. But for now, this blog post will be dedicated to recapping my September of 2021, an update of what I am working on and how I am feeling.

I thought about how to do this, as I have the worst memory and almost no ability to recall what I have done. But--I take a lot of pictures, so I figured I would share pictures from my camera roll throughout the past month, and then I will expand on the context of the photos. I'm going to try this out, but if I cannot commit to it, or if it doesn't feel authentic, I may switch it up month to month.

So here we go. . .

September 2nd, 2021: New Headshots

At the very beginning of September, I realized I had never taken "professional" or promotional pictures with my purple hair. I was feeling inspired that day, so I just went for it. I love getting glammed-up because I feel like it's an empowering aspect of self-care. I also see makeup, fashion, and photography as creative outlets and expressions. I got into makeup when I was about 12 because I started to develop hormonal acne all over my face, so I wanted to find a way to cover it up. I was so embarrassed of my skin, and I struggle with it still to this day, but I have gotten a lot better about feeling neutral about breakouts, rather than wanting to isolate myself from everyone and feeling utterly depressed about my appearance. The more I researched makeup and practiced with it, the more confident I felt in my abilities to do it well. I no longer use makeup to cover up my insecurities; instead I use it to enhance the beauty I already possess and express from within. I had a ton of fun with these pictures, and I feel like the black and white effect gives them an edgy and sultry vibe, which I love.

On to the next image. . .

September 10th, 2021: Reunited with My Best Friends

The weekend of September 10th-12th, I drove to and from Missoula, Montana and I reunited with my two best friends from college. This is a picture of my best friend who drove from Spokane, Washington to be there. They are my most special people, and we've been friends for over 5 years now, and our lives have changed drastically. The reason we all met up in Montana is because that is where one of my best friends lives, and she is engaged to a wonderful human, and it was her time to try on wedding dresses! Even though I personally don't want to get married, I am always fully supportive of those that do want to get married, because it can be such a beautiful thing, especially when those people are amazing in every way possible. I honestly could not imagine a better person for my best friend to get married to, and I cannot wait to stand next to her on that special day. It was so incredible to see my lovely soul pals; the ones who always get me; the ones who never judge me; the ones who are always always there for me. Ugh, they're just the best and I am so blessed.

Okay, last picture I am sharing this month. . .

September 21st, 2021: Partner Making Schnitzel

Towards the end of September, my partner had some free time and decided to make their own version of schnitzel. I snapped this picture of them in their element because they seem so happy doing their thing. We have been living together for about 2 years, and we've been dating for over 2 and a half years. The longer we are together, the more comfortable I am with expressing my needs, boundaries, and insecurities in a healthy way. I also have never felt more connected or more supported by them than in this moment, and I just want to write that down so that I can remember it when things get hard--which they will. The longer I am in a partnership, the more I realize how important it is to do the internal work every single day. It's so necessary to critique the way I interact with others in order to reduce the harm I project. Once we accept that all of us are harmful to this Earth in some way, then we can begin doing the work of minimizing that harm and being consciously aware of how forming connection and community with others is one of the only tangible modalities of healing what we've already broken.

These are my thoughts for the month of September, and thanks so much for reading and for being here with me. OH--also I started a Patreon for those who would like to support my work. I will link that here:

I look forward to connecting with you all more in the future through these blog posts, and through any other means. I am so happy to have this platform to express my worldview, and I hope you all help keep me accountable for my words, thoughts, and actions.




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