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Volvo Navigation RTI 1022 Europe MMM2 Free Download [Latest 2022]




This file contains the information for the France region of the European edition of the RTI1022. A detailed language guide is available here: There is also a MapIt guide available here: If you need further help or advice, please contact us by email at The map of the European edition of the RTI1022 uses the MapIt software developed by Onvion. The version of MapIt used in this guide is v1.3. The map editor used is MapIt Pro v.1.7. The data for the European edition of the RTI1022 is based on the recently updated EuroGeographics dataset. This is the version which was used to generate this map, as of July 2011. The text and language files for this edition of the map are based on Onvion's standard templates, which are available from Onvion for download at The only modification made to these templates was to update the Russian and French languages to the latest EuroGeographics data for these countries. This update has also been included in the newest version of the MapIt software (v.1.7), so the layout, rendering and calibration of the map should be exactly the same as the previous version of the map. The maps are calibrated using the reference chart of the European Geographical Survey (EUROCAL 13000 MCD EUROCAL 13000 MCD) v.11. This chart should be available at For more information about the map, please contact Onvion at: Italy C Version: The current release of the map is v.10. This map is based on the last available version of EuroGeographics: (available on Onvion website) Version - 13.09.11. By comparing to the official version, we noticed that some areas were created, some updated, and some were erased or updated. We have tried to keep the data and all the corrections that should have been made to the data on the basis of information provided by the authorities. We are therefore asking you to take into account the specific corrections (for example: correction of




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Volvo Navigation RTI 1022 Europe MMM2 Free Download [Latest 2022]

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